Petraeus Betrayed in the New York Times

Betrayed by the left in the form of the Soros funded advocacy group, Schnitt has the whole shebang on his website. Here is an extract since it will disappear tomorrow: and Code Pink are emblematic of a sickness in the American left.

They ask us not to question their patriotism. I don’t question their patriotism, for they have demonstrated conclusively that they have none. I only question how to oppose them effectively enough to deny them all power in the future.

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9 responses to “Petraeus Betrayed in the New York Times

  1. I only question how to oppose them effectively enough to deny them all power in the future.

    The answer, my dear sir, is one word: mockery.

    If we do not take them seriously, we will never allow them to convince us of anything.

    The same goes for Islamists. Mockery has been one thing that Islamists have dreaded more than bombs, missiles, and surges. Violence wins them martyrdom; mockery “slays” them here and now, and soils their chances of an honorable and venerated memory when “martyred”. As such, violence will make them bigger than life whereas mockery slays them twice.

  2. … and you guys are nuts!

  3. I advise disinformation campaigns to be targeted against such organizations of the transnational progressive standard.

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  5. Destroying the credibility of such organizations by providing them with false information that they take to be true, because they are biased and guillible little shats, is far better than simple mockery by their political enemies.

    Wolf sez: I have the comments set to block all the seven words from George Carlin’s routine. I find that bad language degrades discourse. Think about it.

  6. Disinformation may work for some. As for me, I pledge my allegiance to the painful truth. Preferably sharpened into a pointed stick that pokes the Stalinist Progressives where the truth has never shined before!

  7. And yet the existence of the media’s credibility, however frayed it still is, and the media’s sources such as Republic’s creation of Scott Thomas, shows us that truth is the one getting impaled, Wolf, not the cosmopolitan progressives.

    As shown by Cronkite in Tet, truth in war is what you make of it.

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