HuffPo works up an “enemies of the people” list — Proving what we really need is de-Marxification

Following the old Jacobin/Leninist/Stalinist/Maoist plan, Dan Agin at the HuffPo proposes writing up a list of enemies of the people and filling it with Republicans, those who have succeeded in business, and other non-Marxists in order to better prosecute the class-war when he and his comrades arise in glorious Marxist revolution.

The people of America do have foreign enemies, but they also have domestic enemies, people elected or appointed to public office to work for the public good but who work instead for some private benefit.

So the question is: Who are the real domestic enemies of the American people? Is it Senator Webb or President Bush? Is it John Murtha or Dick Cheney? Is it the West Virginia miner who has sons getting killed in Iraq or is it the millionaire who says his five sons are doing their share by helping him become president?

Who are the enemies of the people? Maybe it’s time for us to understand that we need to know who they are. Do you have an Enemies of the People list? Maybe it’s time to think about this and talk about it.

We Americans are not peasants! The United States was founded as a noble experiment, a country with no peasants, no royalty, only nobility. We don’t need a bunch of Marxist revolutionaries to protect us from the ownership class. We are the ownership class, all of us are. We are the nobility of this country! We are armed! We can speak freely! We are responsible for our own success or failure! That is how nobility has always worked. Don’t try to steal our nobility away, Mr. Agin! Don’t try to turn us into peasants, Mr. Agin! Don’t steal our freedom so we can be treated like disobedient idiot children! Go to Russia or Cuba or some other country that wants to play the class-warfare game!

Go sell your crazy Marxist/Fascist/Communist horse-feathers somewhere else, Agin, we don’t need your kind of crazy around here!

What America needs is a good post-glasnost de-Marxification project, just like the de-Nazification project that Eisenhower instituted to clean up Germany after WW2.

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6 responses to “HuffPo works up an “enemies of the people” list — Proving what we really need is de-Marxification

  1. You’ve got some good ideas, Wolf. As for me, a police state is a police state is a police state. Any questions ?

  2. I sense you’re too sarcastic by half, opit.

    I don’t like police states either, whether they be Communist or Marxist or Nazi or leftist nanny states like Canada’s. That’s why the cultural Marxism needs to be cleaned out of the culture using the same peaceful tools the Marxists used to insert it in the first place. All we need is the funding so the project can last long enough to take effect.

  3. I see we agree on the idiocy of left-right orientation on the question of freedom.
    The cultural Marxism comment has me absolutely buffaloed. I figure I know where the bafflegab brigade has its h.q. Haven’t you noticed Marxism is an absolute non-starter in North America ?

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  5. Cultural Marxism isn’t economic Marxism. It’s more along the lines of political correctness, multiculturalism, abandonment of intellectual and moral standards in favor of pure relativism, and the welfare state destroying the family. And that project is well along in all the countries in North America.

    So too with the socialist project to make the people dependent on the apparatus of the state, thereby transforming them into helpless serfs or peasants who can then be harnessed for the class war. That’s what affirmative action and race-baiting and socialist nanny-state healthcare and hate-speech-codes and anti-gun laws and punitive taxation are all about. And once you get the class war going then Marxism wins, because that is its whole raison d’être.

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