Edwards/Coulter Girlfight

ABC News via Memeorandum:

Former Sen. John Edwards on Friday fired the latest round in his ongoing verbal feud with Ann Coulter, calling her a “she-devil” at a public event before quickly adding that he shouldn’t engage in name-calling.

Don’t you love it when girls fight girls?

Lest we forget…

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4 responses to “Edwards/Coulter Girlfight

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  2. ABC engaged in pure journalistic negligence with this story.

    They probably should have covered the real story about John Edwards that was posted in the Wall Street Journal.

    But, the elitists continue to tell the audience, “The customer is always wrong and too stupid to know what good Journalism is.”

    You can read my take about ABC’s rekindling of the Edwards’ vs. Coulter catfight (along with the blatant misquoting of Coulter) at Copious Dissent – Your Daily Dose of Liberty

  3. Wolf, could you please add a comment sidebar to your blog? It would make browsing your comments easier.

    If you think ABC is bad, just look at TNR trying to silence a whistle blower. An inconvenient whistle blower.

  4. I’m happy to do that to encourage more comments.