We shouted out, who killed the Kennedys

The Rolling Stones

Perhaps from Barcelona, perhaps not (read the comments).

Why is it that people keep on asking who killed Jack and Bobby Kennedy? These two assassinations were committed and solved 40+ years ago. Why do people still ask the same question, refuse the answers, worry that bone obsessively? It is because the answer that resulted from the process of investigation and trial was correct, but not politically correct according to the Marxist paradigm of the hippie left.

Jack Kennedy (JFK) was a noted anti-communist warrior who faced down the Soviet Union’s nuclear tipped missiles in the Cuban Missile Crisis, tried to overthrow Castro’s Stalinist Cuban regime with the Bay of Pigs, watched as the USSR built the Berlin Wall, and involved the USA in the Vietnam War to oppose Communist conquest in Asia. He was fiercely anti-communist. His killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, a life-long communist, defected to the USSR after quitting the Marines and returned to the USA with his Russian bride.

Bobby Kennedy (RFK) was his brother’s closest advisor and the most powerful Attorney General in history. He was also fiercely anti-communist, but focused on fighting organized crime and on the civil rights issue. In 1967, Israel defended itself against a sneak attack by all the Arab countries surrounding it and expanded its borders. This didn’t have much of anything to do with RFK, but he was the one who got shot when Palestinian militant Sirhan Sirhan fired a .22 caliber pistol into his skull at point-blank range.

How could this be so? The Marxist Progressives felt betrayed by this. Their two handsome heroes, the Kennedy brothers, had been murdered by members of the proletariat. This could not be politically correct!

Oswald was a loser, a soldier who quit the Marines and defected to the USSR, then returned to the USA, not even able to sustain his defection. He had spent time in an orphanage and had never known his father. He was a perfect victim. There was no way a victim like Oswald who believed in Marx and Stalin could be guilty of the murder of JFK.

The Palestinian murderer Sirhan Sirhan was in the same category. During the USSR-prompted 1967 War, the USA didn’t offer Israel any kinetic support, but the Arab media (too embarrassed to admit that all the Muslim armies were defeated by a small army of hated Jews) was full of reports that the USA and UK had been responsible for the Israeli victory. This big lie is still taught throughout the Middle East and believed to this day. Palestinians had been sustained in refugee camps, in permanent refugee status under the auspices of the UN, for 20 years by this time. Sirhan Sirhan aimed himself at RFK like an avenging missile, and killed him to demoralize the ruling party of the USA in what he imagined was the same way that the Palestinians had been demoralized by their losses and bad choices. This was the first well known act of Jihad against America. And the fact that the USSR was on the side of Israel’s enemies, while the USA backed Israel, was enough to turn the Marxists against Israel. This was the seed of the anti-Jew, anti-Israel tendency of the modern left.

The left of the Democratic party was unable to accept that the killers of their heroes were leftists & members of the Proletariat. Yet the Democrats also reacted as if in fear, and surrendered to the killers’ ideologies. The Democratic party became, over the next four years, a party of Communist sympathizers, anti-American citizens of the world, drug-addled peaceniks, plus many blacks who were still loyal to the party of RFK for his support of the civil rights movement. That is the party that McGovern led in 1972.

And that is the party that the Daily KOS and the Democratic Underground are throwing every day. They are blinded by the same politically correct thinking patterns that blinded their precursors at the 1968 Democratic Convention. They can’t face reality with their eyes open, because the politically correct demands of their ideology prevent it. And that is why they are so susceptible to conspiratorial thinking about 9-11, Carl Rove, Dubya, Reagan, and the Kennedys.

4 responses to “We shouted out, who killed the Kennedys

  1. Edited the lyrics. Now guess the name…

    Please allow me to introduce myself
    Im a man of wealth and taste
    Ive been around for a long, long year
    Stole many a man’s soul and faith

    Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guess my name
    But whats puzzling you
    Is the nature of my game

    I stuck around st. petersburg
    When I saw it was a time for a change
    Killed the czar and his ministers
    Anastasia screamed in vain

    I rode a tank
    Held a generals rank
    When the blitzkrieg raged
    And the bodies stank

    Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guess my name, oh yeah
    Ah, whats puzzling you
    Is the nature of my game, oh yeah

    I shouted out,
    Who killed the kennedys?
    When after all
    It was you and me

    Just as every cop is a criminal
    And all the sinners saints

    Now it sounds like it could be talking about Stalin or just about any communist “hero.”

  2. They might all be reincarnations of the same archetype soul.

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