If cowardly sadistic imbecile Che Guevara could become famous, there is hope for all of us

Humberto Fontova talks about the real Che Guevara:

The whole thing starts with the cachet, the coolness surrounding the Cuban revolution. At the time, the United States was the biggest fuddy-duddy, Leave-it-to-Beaver country in the world. Then, all of a sudden, you had these long-haired revolutionaries down in Cuba – they were the first hippies, the first beatniks. Look at Che Guevara in those years. Take off the beard and you’ve got Jim Morrison. Raul Castro used to carry his shoulder-length blond hair in a ponytail. Camilo Cienfuegos looked like another Jerry Garcia. There was that coolness cachet, plus all the misconceptions about what Cuba was like prior to these guys. […]

Che Guevara’s diaries. Those are the same diaries that he kept as a young man when he was traveling in South America. They were published in Havana. It’s very interesting because Robert Redford chose to omit many fascinating items. For instance, in those diaries – the original ones – Che Guevara has a passage where he says, “crazy with fury, I will murder any enemy that falls into my hands. My nostrils dilate while savoring the sweet odor of blood and gunpowder.” Naturally, for some reason, that was left out of Redford’s heart-warming movie.

All you have to do is take Che Guevara’s writing and put it alongside that of [Seung-hui] Cho, the Virginia Tech killer, and you can’t tell the difference. Cho comes across as healthy compared to Che Guevara. Yet I haven’t seen too many Cho t-shirts around, while there are lots of Che t-shirts. […]

It has dawned on me that what I have written is actually an inspirational book and that what I give are inspirational talks. Because if Che Guevara – a coward, a sadist, an imbecile – can see his picture become the most widely reproduced picture of the century, then folks, there’s hope for all of us. It is astounding that a man who was so completely worthless should become so idolized. And that only happened because he hooked up with Fidel Castro, the most effective propagandist in modern history, and he’s still at it.

Fontova has a lot more to say about Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, the first Stalinist hippies of the sixties, in two parts: Part 1; Part 2.

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5 responses to “If cowardly sadistic imbecile Che Guevara could become famous, there is hope for all of us

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  3. how do you dispel generations’ beliefs? there has been so much propoganda “in favor” of Che, how is your book going to accomplish such a feat? especially during this time of utter incompetence. the youth of america is yearning for a radical and revolutionary symbol to boast their protest of the war and the political system. it will be like taking a bottle away from a hungry baby. i must admit i was ignorant of all the information i read in your articles. i believed that che was the embodiment of liberal freedom. you have given me balance…i thank you for that.

  4. I think that Sr. Fontova’s book will do a great deal to bring the truth about Che (and Fidel) to a larger audience.

    In the longer term, the trick is going to be to reverse 80 years of communist propaganda that undermined the self-reliant, strong values that USA and Canada and Mexico, Cuba and Central and South America, used to have before the chimera of Communism with its illusory equality that promised everone can be taken care of by the state, like a baby. I guess the thing that you need to do is to talk to your friends and see if they want to be self-reliant or if they want the government to take care of them for their whole lives.

    The problem with being taken care of is that if the government takes care of you it also enslaves you. That is the deal. It is like living in your parents’ house and never being allowed to leave. The only way out or up is violence! Thus the rules will be enforced with worse violence. In other words, communism and similar systems are enforced by state sponsored terror. If you are a psychopathic killer then you are better off in the communist society, or one based on terror, because you will rise to the top. If you are a good person or even if you are bad but you want your children to be good, then you don’t want to live in a terror-based society.

    Look very carefully at the societies that are engaged in this war. Which societies have their rules enforced by terror? And by terror I do not mean Republicans versus Democrats or enforcing the laws. Nor do I mean acts of war performed by uniformed soldiers following the laws of war. I always say to test the results. Can you stand in the center of town and protest the government and stay free? Or do you get thrown in jail or get killed? If you are free at the end of the day then it’s a free place, not ruled by terror. Be honest and you will see the difference. If you live in the US or another free country be very glad. Thank God you are free to make your own decisions, your own mistakes, and succeed if you work hard enough at it. If you don’t live in a free country, leave for one that is.

    If there is a war between free and terror-based societies, then maybe the war is to protect freedom. And if so, then the war just might be a good thing for those who cherish freedom.

    That is what I would say to war protestors. I used to be a peacenik too just like them. When I was a young man I gave peace a chance in my personal life and gotten beaten up by bullies. Our country has given peace a chance and thrown away much of value. We’ve given peace a chance for long enough. It’s time to give war a chance and kick some ass. And don’t stop the war until the other guy gives in. Don’t let the rat-bastard walk away until he is totally beaten and humiliated.

  5. Which begs the question: Whose ass shall we kick? Under what pretense?

    I don’t disagree with with your line of thought. I do, however, believe that ass kicking has it’s time and place. Kick the wrong ass and you may well be cutting of your nose to spite your face.