Call for Propaganda

Over at Gates of Vienna (temporary shut down by Google Corp.), Baron Bodissey writes a key essay for the Counterjihad Infowarriors out there. Cutting to the endgame of his great article (which you should read in its entirety), he concludes:

But when it comes to 4GW propaganda, we have every capability that the mujahideen have. In fact, we have more, since our websites are not routinely taken down as soon as they appear.

Not yet, anyway.

So what are the objectives of the Counterjihad propagandists?

Here’s a partial list of the strategies we are attempting, some aimed at our enemies, others at the dispirited and isolated folks on our own side:

  • Ridicule. Make the enemy into a laughingstock. Show him how ludicrous, outmoded, hilarious, and downright stupid Islam is.
  • Solidarity. Reach out to people of the West who have similar opinions and are willing to take a stand in their own little corners, but who have been hitherto unconnected with one another.
  • Penetration of the mainstream. This is difficult, because the MSM are firmly in the enemy camp. But the major news organs are always hungry for the sensational, and are ready to pick up on anything outrageous that will draw viewers’ attention. The Motoon crisis demonstrates that the message that the media think they’re sending — in this case, the intolerance of the racist and Islamophobic Danish press — is not necessarily the one that their viewers receive. Millions of people outside of Denmark experienced a secret thrill of satisfaction when they learned that the Vikings had the guts to stick it to ol’ Mo.
  • Subversion of enemy institutions. The media, the academy, the nomenklatura of the chattering classes, and the national and local government bureaucracies are all arrayed against us. But as word spreads, members of these institutions who secretly disagree with received PC wisdom become part of a clandestine Counterjihad network. Gates of Vienna has dozens of informants who send us messages from within the redoubts of the enemy, and we’re only a small blog. The major Counterjihad blogs are coordinating a huge reticulum of subversives who are boring from within the dominant and treasonous bastions of our culture.

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