Character Development in Education at West Point

Mark Hanna writes at the Wharton Leadership Digest:

West Point starts with two fundamental assumptions about the educational process: (1) values, honor, integrity, and ethics can be learned, and (2) incoming men and women do not possess the same values as the organization. Hence, West Point’s leadership program ensures that all cadets receive a consistent ethics and values education. (link)

The article is very enlightening about how West Point teaches ethics and moral character to young officers. Some of the practices can be adapted for those who are raising or educating young children. Many of Jesus’ parables and sayings can be used to educate children about ethics and morality, starting with the Golden Rule (Do unto others what you would have them do unto you), which is a truly universal foundation for ethics and moral character, and Matthew 7:15-16 which teaches a proven way to identify those of bad moral character.

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