A Friend of Ex-Leftists, Ex-Socialists, and Ex-Communists

Bookworm Room writes a very nice piece on Pres. G. W. Bush and his friends and enemies:

I’m talking about some of the less expected Bush supporters: the Czechs, the Albanians, the Angela Merkels, the Nicholas Sarkozys, the Ayaan Hirsi Alis, and the Neocons. What all of these people have in common is that they’ve either been complicit in or victims of Communism or Socialism or some other statist ideology (such as Islam, which is statism decked out in religious trappings). People who have lived in and looked into those totalitarian abysses love Bush. They have no truck with the Soros, and Chomskys and Ward Churchills, and even the Hillarys, Obamas and Edwards, of this world, all of whom, in one form or another, and dressed up in pretty language, would like to recreate a United States in which the government, not the citizen, is dominant. And as I’ve pointed out time and time again, governments are utterly without conscience and will invariably end up destroying their citizenries to maintain the power of those who have risen up inside the government bureaucracy.

I was a pagan hippie sympathizing, smart-ass leftist who never really thought about inductive and deductive reasoning for and against socialism, capitalism, or Christianity, until the US faced the crucible of the Battle of Iraq. At that time I came to some degree of political clarity and understanding of the ultimate objective in Iraq, with this rebirth midwifed by Bill Whittle, Wretchard, and Bush’s 2005 Inaugural Address. If your progress has been anything like mine, then you’ll be just as sympathetic as I am to the loyalty ex-leftists and the victims of fascism have to Bush’s idealistic vision for Iraq. We realize he has not been as resolute or clear or involved in the national debate as we could wish, yet we have not always been sure of ourselves either. It only proves that he is human, and that he isn’t hyperactive and ingratiating as Bill Clinton was.

Read the whole thing.

H/T: Cheat Seeking Missiles

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2 responses to “A Friend of Ex-Leftists, Ex-Socialists, and Ex-Communists

  1. A lot of people saw through the illusion of the Left when they outed themselves in 2002 on Iraq. Somethings just can’t be covered up if you go Active.

  2. True. The descent of the democratic party into blatant anti-Americanism and fascism with a Marxist flavor is impossible to miss these days. At least if you look it is.