Jimmy Carter and Hamas, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

The evidence continues to mount that not only was Jimmy Carter the worst American president of the 20th century, but a vile Jew hater, morally rotten to the black heart of his anti-semitic soul, and a bought-and-paid-for friend of terrorists and Jihadists everywhere.

The United States, Israel and the European Union must end their policy of favoring Fatah over Hamas, or they will doom the Palestinian people to deepening conflict between the rival movements, former US President Jimmy Carter said Tuesday.

Carter, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate who was addressing a conference of Irish human rights officials, said the Bush administration’s refusal to accept the 2006 election victory of Hamas was “criminal.” (Jerusalem Post)

I can’t say I disagree with Carter when he says that Hamas and Fatah are of the same moral quality. As ex-Muslim, ex-terrorist Walid Shoebat stated on Hannity and Colmes tonight, Mahmoud Abbas is the head of al Aksa Martyrs Brigade and was the architect of the murder of the Israeli Olympic team in Munich 1972. He is every bit as much a terrorist as Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas. He’s just not as good at murdering his enemies as Hamas in June 2007 or Hitler’s Nazis in the Night of the Long Knives.

What are people saying around the Blogosphere?

Macsmind has a good anti-Carter rant. Bustard Blog praises Jimmah for speaking truth to power (gag).

Gina Cobb writes:

But the truth is that Carter failed miserably as a president, and there’s no amount of post-presidential posturing that’s going to make his legacy look good.

So now he spends his days catering to Middle Eastern terrorists and urging the rest of the West to join him in racing toward the cliffs of mayhem to dive into the sea. Sensible people and nations know that this is a very bad idea and are not swarming like lemmings in response to Carter’s call. (link)

Israpundit writes:

At a minimum, the US and Israel should insist the charter of PLO and Fatah be amended to demonstrate a peaceful intent. Furthermore he should be required to educate his people for peace, not war. (link)

Michael P.F. van der Galien writes:

Carter, as usual, believes that the Palestinians should be treated as children; they do not have to take responsibility for anything. They are victims. They do not have a say in what is happening to them – it is all Israel’s and America’s fault, according to Carter and his ilk. (link)

John at Powerline writes:

So there you have it: in the perverse world of Jimmy Carter, the United States is a criminal nation that destroys civil liberties, tortures prisoners and oppresses Palestinians. But the Iran-controlled terrorists of Hamas? No problem. (link)

Captain’s Quarters writes:

So let’s get this straight. Bush’s refusal to engage with a terrorist group — one that has long been on the State Department list of outlawed terrorist organizations — is “criminal”. Wouldn’t it literally have been a criminal act to engage with Hamas? Federal law prohibits such direct contacts and the transmission of aid to terrorist groups such as Hamas.

Even more ridiculous, Carter feels that we should applaud the organizational skills of a terrorist group that just murdered its way to the top of the Gaza power structure. He applauds their “superior skills and discipline,” while turning a blind eye to the ways in which they apply them. Rather than scold them for using violence to achieve their political goals, Carter wants the global community to welcome and reward them for it.

Carter started his post-presidential period as a model for retired politicians and statesmen. Had he stayed retired and focused on building homes for the poor, he would have gone some way towards mitigating his feckless presidency. Instead, Carter has become an apologist for terrorists — and in this case, a cheerleader for them. Carter has embarrassed his nation and solidified his status as the appeaser-in-chief who coddled radical Islam at its birth, and seems determined to midwife it at every successive turn. (link)

Michelle Malkin writes:

Add this latest diatribe to his profile in incompetence. (link)

Belmont Club cuts to the core of Carter’s problem:

Jimmy Carter’s absurd remarks really follow from a more fundamental absurdity. The idea that America, Israel and Europe are at peace with the Palestinian Authority, whatever that might be. In fairness, that fiction has been perpetrated by none other than the US, Europe and Israel themselves and encapsulated in one of the most dishonest phrases of modern diplomacy: “the peace process”. If the US were truly “at peace” with the Palestinian Authority — whatever that mean — then Carter would be be perfectly correct in saying that neither the US, Europe nor Israel had any business meddling in the internal affairs of Gaza and the West Bank.

But in the fictive world of Middle Eastern diplomacy, this “peace process” consists entirely of the US, Europe and Israel declaring they are at “peace” with the factions in the Palestinian Authority, while the factions in the Palestinian Authority consistently and steadfastly declare their intention to war upon Israel and the United States. It is really a state of war which a lying diplomacy has managed to represent as a state of peace.

Bereft of this fundamental understanding, or perhaps because he is at the root of this very deceit, Jimmy Carter can argue, with a straight face that the US, Europe and Israel go on to fund the agency of their destruction. To help unify the Palestinian People — including the West Bank — under the legitimate authority of Hamas. To send them monies with when they have already publicly declared their intention to kill every Jew in Israel and any man Jimmy Carter once swore to defend and protect. This is where the absurdity of the premises have led. (link)

The Peace Process is unalloyed Orwellian Newspeak. Wretchard is correct. The Peace Process is a sham meant to hide a fifty-year-old war that the West refuses to acknowledge, in order to protect sources of petroleum.

Fatah and Hamas are feuding brothers in arms playing a game of Good Cop, Bad Cop against the West. They agree that they want to kill all the Jews and Americans but disagree on how to do it. And when they were trapped together in one country, Gaza, without convenient Jews or Americans to murder and terrorize, they decided to kill each other. When competing Jihadists are penned together they end up killing each other. This seems like a situation where the US should be playing both sides against each other to encourage them both to make Gaza as miserable as possible.

Further, instead of continuing to appease retreat whenever Fatah or Hamas unleashes a new terror attack, the Israeli and Western method of negotiation needs to change to the takeaway. Every time they break an agreement something comes off the table. Break several and Israel reoccupies Gaza and throws the Palestinians across the Egyptian border. Break some more and Israel evicts all the Muslims from Bethlehem and replaces them with Christians. And so on.

And finally, none of this will continue to work unless America achieves energy independence from Saudi Arabian petroleum. Nuclear Power, opening up ANWR, drilling for oil and natural gas off Florida and California, building more refineries, getting rid of ethanol subsidies and allowing Brazilian ethanol to be imported, continuing tax credits for solar, wind, and tidal energy, laws to facilitate energy sellback from consumers to electric companies, loosening of restrictive zoning laws to allow people to live closer to their work, even painting roofs white. Until the US and Europe are no longer tethered to oil produced by Jihad-sponsoring regimes an effective defense, let alone counterattack, against the global Jihad will be prohibitively difficult.

One last thing
I have a shameful confession. I voted for Jimmy Carter against Ronald Reagan in 1980. What happened since then? Two things:

  • The left-wing monopoly of the news, established in Edward R. Murrow’s wake during the years of the Comintern ascendant after World War II, peaking when Walter Cronkite declared the Tet Offensive, which was a crushing defeat for the NVA, to be a defeat for the US, finally cracked after the World Wide Web crashed the gates and let the real news in without being blocked by the progressive gatekeepers of politically correct reality.
  • I woke up and realized that pacifism and leftism, which I embraced for much of my life, had terrible unexpected consequences that actually resulted in the exact opposite of what leftists and pacificists wanted to happen. Pacifism ends in greater, more murderous war than militarism, and the pacifists are the first ones who get killed. Socialism doesn’t create equality of results, it creates tyrrany. Liberalism, or equality of opportunity, doesn’t produce equal results, but it allows everyone to achieve whatever they can and prevents tyrrany.

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