Harvard Professor Lies for Islam

As reported in Spero News:

Harvard professor Jessica Stern told a New York audience yesterday that criticism of Muslim clerics for not condemning Muslim violence was unwarranted. “I’ve heard a lot of bashing of Muslim clerics for not stepping up to the plate and condemning extremist violence,” she said. “But Catholic priests are not stepping up to condemn those who kill abortion doctors…[and] rabbis are not condemning the violent settlers’ movement.” (Spero)

William Donohue responds:

“Forced moral equivalency is immoral, and that is exactly what Jessica Stern is promoting. The silence of Muslim clerics in the face of Muslim violence is well-known. But when it comes to killing abortionists, the Catholic clergy have an impeccable record. It should be noted, too, that as the New York Sun pointed out today, rabbis everywhere condemned Yigal Amir’s 1995 assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin—the very incident that Stern cited as an example of Jewish silence. “To begin with, there has not been a single abortionist killed in the U.S. since 1998. When there were killings in the mid-1990s, Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles, chairman of the Pro-Life Activities of the bishops’ conference, said that such shootings make ‘a mockery of everything we stand for.’ When there were two killings at Massachusetts abortion clinics, Cardinal Bernard Law not only denounced them, he ordered a moratorium on sidewalk protest vigils outside abortion clinics in Boston. Cardinal John O’Connor’s response in New York was profound: ‘If anyone has an urge to kill an abortionist, kill me instead.’ “Just this week, a report of Muslim violence against Iraqi Christians was released. The study, Incipient Genocide, describes in detail ‘the deaths of Christian children—including babies—laypeople, priests and nuns who were burned, beaten or blown up in car bombs throughout the past few years.’ Moreover, Christian girls are being raped and having nitric acid thrown in their faces for not wearing veils. And the Muslim silence is deafening.”

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4 responses to “Harvard Professor Lies for Islam

  1. About 3 weeks ago there was an attempted bombing at a Texas abortion clinic, by a Christian extremist. Since 1998, domestic Christian terrorist groups have carried out 546 terrorist incidents, 4,170 injuries, 3,228 fatalities attributed by the FBI to Christian terrorist groups. Yet a Pew Forum poll in 2005 showed that less than 10% of American Christian (including Catholic) clergy has ever condemned these domestic terrorist groups or incidents.

    On the other hand, a recent BBC poll in the UK showed that more Muslims condemn terrorism that all other religions (in the UK) combined.

    You can find approximately 4,200 Muslim leaders who condemn terrorism, militant jihad, suicide bombing, and the corruption of the Qur’an that Usama bin Laden is preaching, at http://facts-not-fear.blogspot.com

    Mr. Donohue is neither a neutral, impartial nor accurate source for speaking on terrorism, since he has a well established reputation for preaching more hatred than peace.

  2. I think we have a case of the pot calling the kettle black. The pseudo “rev” (he has a paid for self ordination from the universal life church) is neither a neutral, impartial nor accurate source himself but is in fact a liar, a libeler and a terrorist apologist. His “exposes” are the projections of a very delusional and sick mind. What he has written on Robert Spencer is mostly fiction and so absurd as to be laughable.

    One might not that *nothing* the “rev” says about himself, his “degrees” nor his “military” service is true.

  3. I see my cyberstalker has shown up. Ever since she was kicked out of Yahoo Groups last November, and subsequently exposed for her virulent hatred of blacks, Jews, Muslims, Christians, and homosexuals, she follows me around the web like a puppy, yelping in frustration.

    Anyone can read the articles and the large amount of verification, posted on http://hatewatchhallofshame.blogspot.com and see for themselves that everything there is factual.

  4. Anyone can go and read my blog about you exposing your lies with your own words.