The Online Infidel Library

Creating the Online Infidel Library, by Wolfgang Bruno.

During the Muhammad cartoon affair, the Islamic world might as well have worn a gigantic neon sign saying: “We fear freedom of speech above all else. Give us bombs, just don’t send us rational criticism or mockery.” They scream “We love death,” yet cringe like shivering Christmas puddings in front of a few cartoons. If this is what they fear most, then this is where we should push harder.

It’s well worth reading it all.

h/t: Velvet Hammer. Also see the Library at Foehammer’s Anvil.

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5 responses to “The Online Infidel Library

  1. Thanks Wolf, for helping to spread the word!
    An amazing idea, is it not?


    What a great tag. That is what it will be. You are so clever. Why didn’t I think of that. lol

  2. Thanks. That’s why I call the whole ball of wax the Counterjihad Infowar.

  3. Nice! I will have to link to it under my blog roll category, “True Enlightment” 😉

  4. Cool! Thanks again.
    What great read it will all be. Yours and his.
    I have linked your CounterJihad on my sidebar as promised.