Mauritania Maunderings

Being a collection of good and bad news concerning Mauritania.

Spain and Mauritania have agreed to sign a treaty of cooperation and friendship before the end of 2007 with the emphasis on immigration.

In related news, international human traffickers use a route via lawless GuineaConakry (formerly known as French Guinea) to carry South Asians to Spain and Mauritania on false documents. They wend onwards to Iceland to smuggle humans to other parts of Europe. Spain and Pakistan are signing a memorandum of agreement to reduce human smuggling. This falls out from the arrest of international human smuggler Javed Iqbal Amra.

For some reason unknown to me the Mauritanian ambassador to Gambia has felt it necessary to state that relations between Mauritania and Gambia are excellent. If you know why please say why in a comment.

Philip M. Kaiser, former US ambassador to Austria, Hungary, and Senegal/Mauritania, died May 24, 2007. He was 93.

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