Late Nite Roundup

While I have been pondering yet another titanic muddle at the titanium mines on Titan, I cleared my mind by browsing the web. Today there was a bumper crop of pro-liberalism, pro-capitalism and anti-socialism, anti-postmodernism posts to be found.

  • In “Do some victims deserve less justice?” the Boston Globe covers the hate crime legislation wending its way through the idiot ProCongress.

    If a bunch of hoodlums murder a man by setting him on fire in his wheelchair, what moral difference does it make whether they despised him for being disabled (covered by the new bill) or for being a street person (not covered)? Is it worse to douse a man with gasoline and strike a match while shouting, “We hate cripples!” than to do the exact same thing while shouting “We hate the homeless” — or “We hate skinheads” or “We hate Communists”?

    Or how about “We hate conservatives” or “We hate America” or “We hate Chimpy Bushitler and the Zionist-controlled Vast Right Wing Conspiracy”? Aren’t all murders hate crimes anyway?

  • Dr. Sanity chronicles the Evolution of Education into Indoctrination.

    The 20th century was the battleground where the two totalitarian branches of the collectivist philosophers vied for spiritual and physical control over humanity. The amount of death, destruction and misery they ushered in is perhaps unprecedented in human history.

    By the mid-20th century, the right-wing, or nationalist, Hegelians, or national socialists (Nazis) had been defeated by an alliance of the left-wing Hegelians and those who stood for human freedom and democracy. By the end of the century, the social systems favored by the Hegelians of the left had been exposed to the world for the lie and deception it was.

    But, in this new century, both utopian systems have been given new life by recruited a potent new ally in their attempts to control the minds of men. That ally is postmodern philosophy and rhetoric.

    Neither can hope to remain viable in a world where human thought is free; therefore, the goal for the last several decades has been nothing less than to undermine mankind’s perception of reality itself. They have been most successful in this goal at all levels of education–elementary, high school and college.

    If you can convince children that objective reality is an illusion; that A does not equal A; that black is white; and that good is bad; if you can make them accept that everything is subjective and relative; then you have successfully breathed new life into doctrines that by all objective measures and standards led to the death and misery of millions of people. Through the careful manipulation of language, everything can be distorted, without the messy need to resort to facts, logic, or reason.

    Read the comments too.

  • Sonny Bunch discusses Indoctrinate U, The Movie in Academic Thuggery.

    IRONICALLY ENOUGH, aspiring conservative documentarian Evan Coyne Maloney received his inspiration from Michael Moore, the left-wing firebrand responsible for the anti-gun polemic Bowling for Columbine and the anti-Bush screed Fahrenheit 9/11. This isn’t to say that Moore inspired him figuratively: Maloney literally stopped Moore on the street, interviewed him, and left with some helpful knowledge. When Maloney confronted the Oscar winner about the liberal slant of most Hollywood-produced documentaries, Moore responded thusly:

    “I agree with you. I think this art form should be open to people of all political persuasions and not just be people who are liberal or left of center or whatever. . . . You want to encourage all voices to be heard because that’s the best way to have, to come up with the best decisions in a free society. You don’t want just one voice or one stream of thought being put out there. . . . Make your movies and then the people will respond, or not respond, to them.”

  • Power Line, with Professor Smith goes to Hanover introduces an insurgency by Dartmouth graduates to begin to wrest control of the university, with its anti-hate-speech codes and tribal diversity codes, from the well-intentioned but misguided anti-capitalist and socialist ideologues in the bureaucracy and faculty.
  • Rev. Robert Sirico, in “Socialism, Free Enterprise, and the Common Good” produces a brief historical survey of socialism and capitalism in Europe from the mid-18th century until today, and compares the intentions and results of socialism and capitalism. He demonstrates that socialism’s good intentions produce horrifying results, while capitalism’s laissez faire approach produces the shared, growing prosperity that socialism intends to produce but cannot. MUST READ!
  • Fordham’s Internet Modern History Source Book. See the section on Liberalism for a reminder that it used to mean democracy, increasing prosperity and free markets.

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