Without his Family’s Knowledge

Umer Farooq writes in “Oh My” about the radicalization of Pakistan.

Five men have been recently convicted of plotting a bomb attack in Britain. Most were Britons of Pakistani origin and many had spent time in training camps in Pakistan. The group’s ringleader, Omar Khyam grew up in a secular household. When he was in his late teens, he traveled to Pakistan, without his family’s knowledge, to attend a mujahedin training camp. In 2001, Khyam traveled to Afghanistan to meet the Taliban. He co-organized a training camp in 2003 attended by many of the plotters — and was instrumental in buying bomb ingredients.

It’s like a Jeff Foxworthy joke.

You just might be a Jihadist if… if your son sneaks off to Pakistan … without your knowledge … wink wink … to train with Hizb ut-Tahrir or Tablighi Jamaat, and later on runs off to Afghanistan to meet the Taliban.

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