Leaving Islamic Fascism

Ed Hussain, former militant agitator for islamist causes in Londonistan, moved to Saudi Arabia with his wife and went through a process that ended up with Hussein being disgusted by Saudi Arabia, Arabs, Jihadism, and eventually rejecting Islamism. Now he believes not in Islamism, and moreover believes that Hizb ut-Tahrir and other Islamist groups should be banned in England and elsewhere.

  • He started with indoctrination into Islamism when he lived in England. He believed in segregation of the sexes, segregation of the races, veiled women, strict separation between Muslims and non-Muslims, sharia, jihad, dhimmi and jizya, overthrow of non-Islamic governments, reconquest of all formerly Islamic lands, a Caliphate, and conquest of the world for Islam.
  • Then he and his wife moved to Saudi Arabia to teach.
  • The propaganda that there is no racism in Islam came up against the fact that there is no more racist place than Saudi Arabia, and that Muslims are not equal if their skin is dark.
  • The propaganda that there is no sexism in Islam because women are covered came up against the fact that there is no land on earth that is more difficult for women to live in than Saudi Arabia. They cannot drive, they cannot leave their homes because they are likely to be kidnapped by sex-crazed Saudis, they cannot work or even leave the country. Hatred and objectification of women is endemic in Wahhabist Islam.
  • The propaganda that Islam is a religion of peace came up against the fact that the state sect of Wahhabism really does mandate the jihad of the sword against non-Muslims, or actually of non-Wahhabists, and prohibits those who believe in it from feeling any shared humanity with anyone who is not a Wahabbist Arab Muslim.
  • The propaganda that Islam respects facts came up against the widespread refusal of Wahabbists to believe anything bad about Muslims and to blame everything bad that happens on Jews, who are accused of engaging in the wildest conspiracies imaginable.
  • The propaganda that Jihad isn’t really criminal mass-murder and a wicked perversion of the religious impulse came up against the fact of 7/7/2005 in London, and the near death of the author’s sister who was nearly caught in one of the blasts. Combine this with the total callousness of Saudis after 7/7 for a shock to anyone who keeps an innate sense of morality or decency or goodness and acts on it.

The trick is not to recognize the wickedness and weakness of the Wahabbist Assassin ideology, an ideology that promotes death and hatred instead of life and love, but to find out how to spread this knowledge to Muslims to save the Muslims who already believe in the Assassins’ ideology, and to inoculate those who believe in a kind and humanist non-political Islam against the propaganda of the Islamists so they don’t fall for it when they encounter it.

h/t: Pajamas Media

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