Jihadist wannabees in a pickle

From Internet Haganah:

The brother enters the “preparing for jihad” section of the forum, and asks, in typically verbose fashion “where’s the Jihad?” and “how come there are only 20 members of this group?” and “don’t you know there’s a war on?”.

Among the responses was the following… [graphic of a response in Arabic] …which attempts to answer the brother’s questions by explaining that

  • none of them actually have any military experience
  • they can’t rely on information from the Western sites
  • they are under surveillance and they know it
  • and because none of them have the relevant experience, they can’t trust the information they find on other forums, because they know the intelligence services are busy planting false information.

Three cheers for Internet Haganah! Hip, hip, hurrah! For Aaron’s a jolly good fellow.

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