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Dennis Miller, supergenius, has a radio show!

Anybody need a reminder of the pure genius of his Rants?

Now the most recent chucklehead to step forward with his own unique way of aiding our troops is self-anointed surge protector Joe Biden who’s simultaneously looking for a new Bork Bash to enhance his presidential street cred and make the public forget that he puts his foot in his mouth more frequently than a contortionist with a donut hole for a big toe. […]

Now, I’ll grant Biden turf on being the first to discuss partitioning in Iraq. That might be the eventual resolution to this conflict. But who absolutely knows right now that that is the answer? What we are doing now is sorting thru the inevitable fog of war and guys like Biden constantly blowing smoke doesn’t make it any easier to see things clearly.

Non-binding resolutions emboldening our enemies are madness. A troop cap is madness, timed withdrawals are madness, re-deployment to Okinawa is madness, Rube Goldberg Rules of Engagement are madness. We are in this now and we need to go Roman!

Guys like Biden don’t even give you the courtesy of a separation anymore between their anti-war pronouncements and their insistence that what they just said wasn’t an anti-war pronouncement. At least there used to be a properly demarcated verbiage DMZ before the “buts” started. Now, Biden tries to advance his resolution and immediately tags on the rejoinder about not wanting to hinder the President. The Senator insists he just wants to help Bush from making another mistake. Hey Joe, why didn’t you call Bush before you had your hairplugs done by a giant squid from a Jules Verne novel?

Listen, as far as Iraq is concerned, we’re about two buckets into a million bucket fireman’s carry against Radical Islamic Terrorists. Forget re-entry, we’re not even off the pad. As the Walking Boss will tell you, one of us must force the other to get their mind right. That is, right after we get our own cobwebs cleared.

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