Two Indian Marxist Theater Troops Commemorate Saddam

Proving that there is no mass murdering tyrant too vile for communists to idolize, two separate Marxist/Communist theater troops from the Kerala area of India are simultaneously working on independent productions that tell the story of Saddam Hussein with the theme being the struggle against imperialism. This is a coincidence. The Communist Party of India-Marxist isn’t coordinating them or anything like that.

Two Kerala theatre groups, both said to be affiliated to the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M), are set to stage plays on the life and death of the late Iraqi president Saddam Hussein.

While one group is called Mudra and is based here, the other is the party’s theatre wing, Sangachetana, based at the CPI-M’s headquarters in Kannur.

P. Sasi, Kannur district secretary of the CPI-M, said while both the groups were doing plays on Saddam Hussein there was no rivalry involved.

‘It is our desire that more cultural troupes come forward with plays on Saddam Hussein because the central message is nothing but a fight against imperialist forces,’ Sasi told IANS.

‘Is it possible for a troupe from Kannur to go and stage this all across the state? We feel not just a troupe from Thiruvananthapuram but other troupes too should do it so that the message is sent down to the masses fast,’ said Sasi. (source)

That old, soviet, anti-hegemonist propaganda machine just keeps on giving, doesn’t it?

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