Iraqi eddies 16 Feb 2007

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The Democrats’ Resolution
The big news about Iraq today and this coming weekend isn’t happening in Iraq. It is happening in Washington DC. In a party-line vote in the House of Representatives, the Democrats passed a sweet piece of political grandstanding that resolves against changing course and using reinforcements in an attempt to win in Iraq. Senate Democrats are planning to run the same resolution for a vote on Saturday. Why a weekend vote? John McCain will not be in DC for Saturday’s vote. He will be in Iowa. Biden, who has resurrected his presidential run, will be in DC for the vote with his plan to partition Iraq. Metaphors and similes abounded, with Iraq being compared to a neighbor who won’t mow his lawn and shoots at you when you mow it for him, to a land mine, Davy Crockett at the Alamo, a high school football game with parents booing an unpopular coach irregardless of the morale effects on the players, a forest fire, and a doctor’s visit. On Saturday in the Senate, expect a showdown between Democrats and Republicans, with Republicans preventing the vote from coming to the floor and Democrats demanding an “up or down vote” and protesting the filibuster. In the meantime, an AP/Ipsos poll shows a 9-percent increase in support for the surge between January and February.

Is the Surge working so far?
As The Thunder Run points out, civilian deaths in Iraq have dropped overnight. Ten bodies were found in Baghdad this morning, as compared to the average of 40-50 bodies per day in the recent past.

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