Terror Murder Plot Against Geert Wilders Revealed

Pim Fortuyn and Theo Van Gogh were only the focus of the first plans to terrorize the Dutch people.

[Dutch] MP Geert Wilders was threatened with a suicide attack last week. Two young men reportedly planned to shoot the politician down and detonate a van full of explosives next to the politician. “Many innocent people were to die in the chaos.” […] The initial, very concrete warning spoke about an attack planned for early February. Wilders would first be shot, and then a man would drive a white delivery van into the victim and detonate the 500 to 600 kilos of explosives in the vehicle. (Brussels Journal from Expatica)

The perpetrators were not fundamentalists, said the informer. They just wanted revenge.

Well, it’s all good then. Right?


Theo Van Gogh is still dead, and his murderer retains voting rights in the Netherlands. The Netherlands wants terrorists to vote, even if they are unfortunately incarcerated in a jail because they committed terror murder. The Dutch government is not serious.

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