Giving the Democrats what they want in Iraq

From the House Iraq Debate:

“Democrats have called for a new secretary of defense, new leadership on the ground in Iraq, and a new strategy. We now have a new secretary of defense and a new commander in Iraq who are working with the Iraqis to implement a new strategy. We should give it a chance to succeed.” — Rep. Geoff Davis (news, bio, voting record), R-Ky. (source)

Following the thorough defeat of his party in the November elections, George W. Bush has given the Democrats what they wanted in Iraq. He has replaced Donald Rumsfield with a new Secretary of Defense, replaced the commanders in Iraq who were not winning the war fast enough, and changed the strategy from one of passively waiting for Iraqis to defend their country to actively policing the country. The strategy change requires additional troops to succeed.

Therefore the surge.

And once the surge was proposed, the Democrats decided it was utterly unlike what they wanted in Iraq. In fact, they wanted to keep the old commanders in Iraq and focus even more on waiting for Iraqis to police Iraq. In other words, they wanted to stay the course instead of changing gears. They still were glad that Rumsfield was gone, but that is the only demand they have not reversed.

This reveals a fundamental lack of seriousness in the Democrats. They have flip-flopped on the demands they made for Iraq in the campaign season, and now it is clear that they said those things for partisan advantage, while planning to change course if they got the power. In other words, they lied so they could get into power. Once in power, they revealed their true color: yellow. And now they want to run away from Iraq and let the Iraqis deal with the genocidal sectarian war that is brewing.

The Democrat strategy is an effective one in warfare. They deceived their enemy into doing something foolish. The enemy voted for them, or refrained from voting for Republicans, and now it is time to pay.

Did you get that?

If the Democrats convinced you to change your vote from Republican to Democrat in November by convincing you that nobody could do worse than the Republicans, then you are the enemy they fooled, you are part of the enemy they defeated. This was war, and it was the far-left wing of the Democrats against everybody else.

So what was it exactly that the Democrats wanted in Iraq? In Iraq, the Democrats were looking for the defeat of George W. Bush and the Republican party, and no matter what price the country has to pay, in Democrat eyes it is worth it. To far-left Democrats, Iraq and Afghanistan and the War on Terror are battles in the larger war of Democrats against Republicans.

God help us!

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