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Philadelphia is set to become the second large American city to ban restaurants from serving trans fats, which doctors say increase the risk of heart disease.

The City Council approved the ban unanimously Thursday, and Mayor John F. Street is expected to sign it. The measure would prohibit restaurateurs from frying foods in trans fats or serving trans fat-based spreads beginning Sept. 1.

By Sept. 1, 2008, trans fats would be banned in all other types of food prepared in Philadelphia eateries. (source)

If trans fats like Crisco are banned then the obvious replacement is good, old-fashioned lard. It is a far superior cooking oil for deep-frying and was originally used for everything that trans fats are used for now, until sometime back in the 1970s when public health fads of that period caused everyone to switch away from lard to trans fats that we now know to be far more hazardous to our health than lard.

Is there a lesson in this about the perils of legislation following health fads? Yes, but it will not be heeded by the ones who are dead-set on writing laws to cover every aspect of human existence, and somehow think that such totalitarianism can have a positive result.

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