Kidnapped Hindu Engineer’s Beheaded Corpse Found at Madrassa

Activists of the banned Harkatul Mujahideen (HUM) kidnapped Ganesh Kumar. The reason for the kidnapping or his killing is not known, The Daily Times newspaper reported on Thursday. (Feb. 8, 2007)

One thing should be obvious. The reason was Jihad. Jihad always justifies murder.

Superintendent of Police Khalid Mustafa Korai said investigations revealed that the kidnappers beheaded Kumar after kidnapping him and burnt him before giving him a burial.

Kumar was seized from the Liberty Market in Hyderabad town on August 17 by three armed men in police uniform. The family complained about his disappearance on September 13.

A large police contingent raided Sachal Sarmast colony and arrested three suspects: Khadim Hussain and his two sons Shahid and Tahir. Police claimed they recovered pistols and jehadi literature.

Later, the police party cordoned off Madrassa-e-Darul Huda and recovered a decaying body by digging up its premises. (Feb. 8, 2007)

More Jihadist Death-Cult Vampires found, and the unholy temple where they create more like them exposed.

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One response to “Kidnapped Hindu Engineer’s Beheaded Corpse Found at Madrassa

  1. The matter was ivestigated by our correspondant and no links could be established with any Jehadi activities. It was purly a kidnapping for ransom as his father is filthy rich and few local criminal minded individuls had made a plan to extort money.