How the Grinch Hated Valentine’s Day

Globalism is indeed a strange and wonderful thing that can export not only Ipods and computers, Britney Spears CDs and Titanic DVDs, but an entire holiday, a Catholic Saint’s day in fact, to a Moslem land where the holiday has no context.

(Updated: Corrected the sex of the writer)

Valentine’s Day has come to Pakistan, and at least one young woman is not happy about it at all.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not one of those people who hate love altogether, in fact I’m quite the opposite. You ask my family and some of them might tell you they think I’m bit too romantic if anything. I have very strong conviction that true love, the kind you see in films, the kind that is meant to last forever, exists, even outside films. Yet I find the idea of Valentine Day’s meaningless. Why?

Well primarily because it has absolutely nothing to do with my culture and heritage but also because it’s so hollow. How many of the 1 million people that will be sending out cards to each other this year will be with each other this time next year? (source)

If I can give Mr. Miss Razvi and any others who are of the same frame of mind some advice, let it be this. Instead of concerning yourself with the actions of those around you, look to your own heart and give a rose and a card to your own sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Leave it at that. If you do something sweet for your sweetheart it will give you a better shot at still being together next year, so try it out.

We don’t have to get into the background of Saint Valentine, or why this holiday has traditionally lasted and prospered. These days it is all about love, and not just the experience of sitting and sighing and being in love, but the process of doing something for the loved one.

And if you try it, if you give it the old college try, well it’s possible that what happened to the Grinch one Christmas could happen to a Valentine’s Grinch this year.

And what happened then…?
Well … in Who-ville they say
That the Grinch’s small heart
Grew three sizes that day!

Update: A touching story from a town called Fidelity that illustrates the importance and power of Valentine’s Day.

Tucked in with a stamped, self-addressed envelope to be given the Fidelity postmark, the old woman’s note lamented losing her husband a year ago, six days after his 85th birthday and just months before the two would have marked 64 years as husband and wife.

“Among the flowers I will put on his grave” this month, the widow wrote, “I want to include this envelope stamped `Fidelity.'”

Ruyle figures she’s read the widow’s note a dozen times, and it never gets easier.

“I choke up every time. I never got a letter this touching,” says Ruyle, 61, who’s been postmaster here for 13 years. “I can picture a little man and woman, sitting in a rocking chair or porch swing, just being happy. That’s a good picture to have.” (source)

And that is the meaning of Valentine’s Day.

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