Pakistan’s Stepford Wives of Jihad

Girl students of a seminary attached to a prominent mosque in Pakistan were being groomed as wives and mothers for jehadis and suicide bombers, a US-based Pakistani research scholar has claimed.

“The students and teachers told me the madrassa is grooming wives and mothers for jehadis, female suicide bombers and female foot-soldiers who will clash with the law enforcement agencies of Pakistan, if necessary,” Farhat Taj, a research fellow at the Centre for Women and Gender Studies, University of Oslo wrote in Daily Times.

Taj recently visited the Lal Mosque and the Jamia Hifsa seminary here before the Capital Development Authority served notice for its demolition on the ground that it was unauthorised construction. (source)


Note one correction. Ms. Taj is not based in the U.S., but in Norway.

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One response to “Pakistan’s Stepford Wives of Jihad

  1. Well, we knew this was a new strategy. Now its formalized with classes and everything…

    Unbelievable; as a parent I would never sign my child up for this. I can’t wrap my head around how these parents can.