Muslims Cancel Meeting with Bishop, Want Further Discussion First

Germany’s top bishop of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) had scheduled a meeting with four of the country’s top Muslim leaders. At the last minute the Muslims canceled the meeting, claiming a need for further discussion and unwilling to discuss what is on their mind at the meeting.

Germany’s top Protestant bishop, Wolfgang Huber, said in comments to leaders of the four Muslim organizations made available on 31 January: “I was particularly surprised that your justification for cancelling the meeting was the need for further discussion.” (source)

Apparently they mean something different by discussion than the bishop means, or than I mean. Or perhaps they don’t intend to discuss anything with the bishop, but instead demand, cajole, and threaten.

Four Muslim organizations in Germany have called off a meeting with Protestant leaders planned for February, saying there is a need for “considerable explanation” about recently-published church guidelines urging greater clarity in Christian-Muslim relations. (source)

I can hear it now, “You have insulted Islam with your clarifications.”

The EKD published the guidelines in November in a document entitled, “Clarity and being good neighbours”. It said “mistakes and conflicts” relating to the integration of Muslims in Germany needed to be addressed by the followers of the two faiths, the German Protestant news agency epd reported.

The document highlighted the issues of religious conversion, the role of women and religiously-motivated violence. It stated that cultural identity could not take priority over human rights, and that the systematic unequal treatment of men and women, so-called “honour killings”, female circumcision, and forced marriages could not be tolerated in a democracy. […]

The EKD document said the wearing of Muslim headscarves by women teachers raised doubts about their suitability to teach at state schools, something that raised the ire of Germany’s Islam Council.

These topics are the sorts of topics (conversion, abuse of women, and jihad) that would infuriate Wahhabist, Khomeinist and Qutbist Muslims, such as the members of the Moslem Brotherhood who are ascendant in Germany (where Mohammed Atta and other September 11 jihadist vampires were radicalized). The problem appears to be that the bishop thought he was reaching out to Moslem leaders who would negotiate in good faith, but unfortunately he was reaching out to extremists.

Also of interest is the timing of the EKD document, which was released in November 2006. Let’s take a trip in the wayback machine to that time:

In an ominously symbolic gesture for October 31 2006, Reverend Roland Weisselberg, a retired evangelical protestant priest, doused himself in gasoline and set himself on fire in the ruins of the library (or in an excavation next to the library, the reports vary), next to the church of the Augustine monastery in Erfurt in Thuringia in the former East Germany. He lit the match at 10:45AM, during a musical service. His self-immolation was to prove fatal. He died, shortly after noon, in the burns unit of the hospital in Halle.

Before he struck the fatal match, the last words he spoke were “Jesus and Oskar.” (source)

Read the full article to find out what Reverend Roland meant by those names.

What was on Weisselberg’s mind as he lit the match? What bothered him enough, what had him so exercised and troubled, that he put his own eternal soul in jeopardy in order to make a political protest?

In a word, Islam.

At a news conference, the provost of the church, Elfried Begrich said that Reverend Weisselberg had detailed in a letter that the Protestant church should be more aware of the threat posed by the spread of Islam.

Weisselberg expressed the same concern in a letter written to his wife. According to der Spiegel, Weisselberg had been expressing much the same concern for the last three or four years.

The provost at Erfurt and the Bishop of Saxony admitted to confusion and embarrassment over Weisselberg’s act. (source and source)

Though they expressed confusion and embarrassment at the time, it seems that the EKD and its bishop have begun to make progress since then. An understanding of the basic guidelines that Moslems need to follow in order to live peacefully in Germany is a good start. The next step is to find Moslem partners who tell the truth, are willing to join the system instead of insisting on overturning it, and who are not wedded to the ways of wicked Qutbist Jihadism.

Amazingly enough, perhaps Reverend Roland did accomplish something with his self-immolation.

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