Musharraf Against the Vampires

orlock.jpgEveryone knows that vampires are invisible in mirrors. They do not make reflections or cast shadows. Their hunger comes from their otherworldliness. Half in this world, half in the world of death, their substance is rent in two. They hunger for blood and life, yet life is forever withheld from them. Theirs is only the touch of the blood-spattered death, the odor of puddles of blood underfoot in the abbatoir, the stare of the horrified, hopeless eyes of the corpse.

It is self-evident that Jihad (and by this I mean fighting to impose the tyrrany of their god, just as most Muslims understand jihad) is a wicked and evil perversion of religion. Those who fight Jihad war worship a satanic principle and damn their souls to hell.

Jihadists are Vampires. Loving Death more than the rest of us love Life, they dwell spiritually in the land of Death. They worship Death, studying all the ways they can cause it. They hunger for peace in the bloody, mutilated bodies of those whom they blow up. What they shall find at their mortal end is a reserved spot in Hell in the torture chambers of the seventy-two demons that promote Jihad. Their maidens will be iron maidens. Their cool waters will be freezing salt-water whirlpools inhabited by ravenous monsters of the deep. Their warm beds will be fiery lava pits crawling with poisonous spiders and scorpions. And somewhere in the tattered remnants of the souls they have mortgaged to their Evil God of Jihad for wicked power, the Jihadists realize it. They realize that they worship an Evil incarnate, and that nothing Good can come of it. This tears them in half, and makes them hunger.

The Vampires have been trying to kill Pervez Musharraf, the president of Pakistan, for several years. The huge bomb that went off just after his car passed over a bridge in December 14, 2003 was the third assassination attempt against him. Eleven days later, two suicide bombers tried to kill him and killed sixteen others instead. And these Taliban and Al Qaeda vampires continue to wage war against Pakistan.

Numerous times, he has waited to act until U.S. high officials visited him to take action against Al Qaeda. His ISI security agency supports Al Qaeda and Taliban semi-flagrantly in Quetta and other areas around FATA and Waziristan. He shielded A.Q. Khan from U.S. interrogation requests after Khan’s nuclear weapon technology smuggling ring was uncovered post 9/11. Those nominally owing him allegiance still hide and shield Vampire princes Osama Bin Laden, Ayman al Zawahiri, Mullah Omar, and numerous other lesser vampires in the Pashtun and Waziri border areas of the Himalayas, the roughest land on earth. He has claimed that Richard Armitage threatened to bomb Pakistan back into the stone age after 9/11, and this was how the U.S. gained his cooperation against Al Qaeda. He has claimed many times to be trying to negotiate for peace in Jammu & Kashmir, yet infiltration by vampires continues.

Here is a good summation of all the evils laid at Musharraf’s door.

And yet, there is more to this. Musharraf has delivered Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Ramzi Youssef, Mustafa Setmariam Nasar, and numerous other Jihadist vampires who sought shelter in the larger cosmopolitan cities of Pakistan. He continues to conduct unpopular raids against jihadist camps and hideouts and cooperate with U.S. and NATO forces to prevent cross-border infiltration.

Last week, outgoing Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte delivered a contradictory message to congress.

Negroponte treated with kid gloves the entire delicate issue of Taliban and al-Qaeda activities in Pakistan’s tribal agencies, which is the heart of the matter. Notably, he spoke with understanding about Pakistan’s genuine difficulty in cracking down on the militants’ “safe haven” in the tribal agencies, given the potential for tribal rebellions and a “backlash” by sympathetic Islamic political parties in Pakistan, which are staunchly opposed to the US military presence in Afghanistan.

But the astonishing part of Negroponte’s statement was his observations regarding the nexus between the “war on terror” and Musharraf’s own political future. Negroponte implicitly acknowledged that Musharraf is politically vulnerable and his ability to crack down on the Taliban will, therefore, be significantly reduced in the months ahead because of the compulsions of the elections in Pakistan.

But elsewhere in his testimony, Negroponte contradicted himself by virtually expressing confidence that Musharraf’s continuance in power is beyond doubt, despite the huge criticism within Pakistan about his remaining president as well as chief of army staff. Negroponte said, “There are no political leaders inside the country able to challenge his continued leadership. Musharraf’s secular opponents are in disarray, and the main Islamic parties continue to suffer from internal divisions and an inability to expand their support base.” (source)

To add more confusion to the mix:

The Bush administration’s predicament was fully revealed in the contradictory references contained in the written statement handed in by the then director of national intelligence, John Negroponte, during his testimony before the US Senate subcommittee on intelligence on January 11. On the one hand, Negroponte claimed that al-Qaeda’s core elements are still “resilient” and are plotting against US national-security interests from their leaders’ “secure hideout” in Pakistan and, furthermore, that the Taliban and al-Qaeda maintained “critical sanctuaries” in Pakistan.

On the other hand, Negroponte described Pakistan as the United States’ “frontline partner in the war on terror”, even though Pakistan remained a “major source of Islamic terrorism”. (source)

What is going on here?

Musharraf is both a nascent Kemal Attaturk bent on secularizing Pakistan and a staunch ally of Jihadist elements within and without the ISI military intelligence agency.

He is an enemy of Al Qaeda and the Taliban whom they constantly attempt to assassinate and yet the protector of their sanctuaries in the Pashtun belt.

He stopped A.Q. Khan’s nuclear weapon technology smuggling ring, and yet prevented the IAEA and U.S. from speaking to the self-admitted rogue scientist to discover the extent of his nuclear black market activities.

He attempts to negotiate with India to bring peace to Jammu & Kashmir and yet his ISI constantly infiltrate Jihadist vampires into Kashmir to kill Hindus and destroy the peace.

Musharraf doesn’t want the U.S. to invade Pakistan (though that would be foolish, to remove Iran’s last threat from the picture). And yet he doesn’t want to destroy those who keep on trying to murder him. For some reason he wants to keep the vampires close. Arnaud de Borchgrave, writing for UPI, states:

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has been reading the handwriting on several walls. He has known for some time Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf was a tad disingenuous when he kept giving him his word that Pakistan wasn’t providing aid and comfort and assistance to Taliban guerrillas on the Pak side of their common border. Now he knows better.

What Karzai hadn’t realized until recently was why Musharraf was saying one thing to his American and Afghan interlocutors and doing precisely the opposite. His need to placate his own pro-Taliban extremists, who govern two of Pakistan’s four provinces, was only half the story.

The president general’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency, which has long nurtured close relations with its opposite numbers in Iran, its western neighbor, reported Tehran’s intelligence apparatus and Revolutionary Guards’ clandestine service, were the real victors of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Pak assessment is widely shared by Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia — and the Baker Hamilton Iraq Study Group.

Musharraf also knows how much nuclear knowhow Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, the father of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, had passed on to Iran over the past 20 years. Two years ago, Iranian officials conceded to the International Atomic Energy Agency that as early as 1987 A.Q. Khan, the world’s first nuclear black marketeer and Pakistan’s national hero, offered the Iranian mullahs a centrifuge enrichment “starter kit.” Pakistan also has a defense pact with Iran. (source)

All damning.

And yet, I can’t get over Negroponte saying that Pakistan is America’s frontline partner in the war on terror. And I can’t get over the White House objecting to a US House bill tying aid to Pakistan to Pakistani results against the Taliban.

Together, these things do not make sense. The only way they could make sense if if there is a secret that we do not know.

I am thinking of a terrible secret. A secret worthy of a cult of Death populated and led by vampires.

Let us not forget that Sandy Berger risked everything to destroy a secret in the National Archives, and Bill Clinton’s wagging skeletal finger claiming he had done incredible things to protect America from the vampires.

Major ThreatI have in mind a nuclear bomb of a secret, or ten or twelve, in Iranian terrorist or Al Qaeda terrorist hands.

Iran shelters more than a hundred Al Qaeda leaders (in so-called “house arrest”). Iran’s Quds Force of the IRGC has been attempting to co-opt the leadership of Al Qaeda with Iranian sympathizers. (Interestingly enough, Iran sent Saad bin Laden to Lebanon to assist Hezbollah in their 2006 war against Israel)

The vampires would threaten to use the nukes against Musharraf’s home, on targets in India and Afghanistan, in Iraq and Iran, and more in Iraq, and in America. All anonymous. None claimed. This sort of attack would ignite a war of all against all as America thrashed through the Muslim world like a wounded elephant, and in the chaos the vampires would find their ideal environment and thrive, as their war of all of Islam against America came to pass.

This cannot happen. Musharraf would have to do everything possible, to make humiliating truces, to give up land to the Taliban, to pretend to chase Al Qaeda, and yet more in order for the hudna to stand long enough to find and neutralize the major threat.

Now that scenario is the sort of plausible threat that would make Musharraf behave the way he has been behaving as of late. It would also explain Iran’s confidence when faced by the sanctions regime. It would explain the rush to nuclear weapons in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Syria. And it would explain why America figures that Musharraf is doing the best he can. Any lesser threat and the White House would pile more pressure on Musharraf until he broke.

So the real situation is not the lesser threat. It may not be a nuclear bomb, but it is a major threat, and a nuke fits all the patterns.

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