Modern day jihadists are sinful, says a Central Sulawesi cleric

An Indonesian cleric from Sulawesi has spoken out against the Qutbist, Khomeinist Jihad that is presently at war with the rest of the world.

Zainuddin Ali, the head of the Central Sulawesi branch of the Clerics’ Council, (Majelis Ulama Indonesia, MUI), said on the 31st in Palu during a meeting with police that the concept of jihad as found in the Koran was no longer entirely relevant today.

In the time of Muhammad there were many infidels who waged war against Islam. But today it’s difficult, there are many people who follow different religions but they are not enemies to each other.

(Pada zaman Rasulullah Muhammad SAW sudah jelas musuhnya, yaitu orang kafir yang memerangi agama Islam. Sedangkan, saat ini sangat susah, sebab banyak orang menganut agama berbeda, tapi tidak saling memusuhi)

Speaking in apparent reference to the confession of one Abdul Muis that he had murdered Reverend Irianto Kongkoli in October 2006 as a form of jihad, or struggle, for Islam, Zainuddin said:

Killing people without the right to do so is not allowed in Islam, only God has the power to take the life of a person.

(Membunuh orang tanpa hak tidak dibenarkan dalam ajaran Islam. Hanya Allah SWT yang kuasa mencabut nyawa manusia.)

Zainuddin, who teaches Islamic law at the Tadulako University in Palu, went on to say that many people today misunderstood the concept of jihad and took verses from the Koran out of context in order to justify their actions. Such people damaged the image of Islam and committed great sin, and their final place was in hell. (source)


h/t: Preetam Rai at Global Voices Online

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