Riffing on UN

Practically everything the U.N. is involved in is un-good, which fits an organization that so perfectly exemplifies the principles of newspeak in Brave New World. Third and fourth generation refugees anyone? Human Rights Commissions and Committees with Cuba, China, Libya, Saudi Arabia in positions of power? That’s why I like to pronounce it “Un” like the first syllable of undead, as in legions of undead vampires coming to suck the blood out of the suffering natives of the Congo.

So… along those lines, how about riffing on some less than awful (un-awful) adjectives for the Un?

Un goals are:

  • un-achievable
  • un-measurable
  • un-desirable

Un methods are:

  • un-practical
  • un-believable
  • un-moral

Un functionaries are:

  • un-truthful
  • un-ethical
  • un-trustworthy

Un troops are:

  • un-qualified
  • un-ready
  • un-reliable

Got another one? Another ‘un?

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