Read a Citizen’s Report on Iraq

Read a Citizen’s Report on Iraq. Michelle Malkin has it. I have paraphrased a story from it to give you, dear reader, a taste.

Imagine if you will a checkpoint stop in Iraq. A vehicle drives erratically toward the checkpoint. U.S. soldiers fire warning shots. They shout. Adrenalin pumps through their bloodstreams. They wonder what new devilish trick approaches them to endanger their lives. They flash a light in the driver’s eyes. The vehicle stops just before they were going to fire the kill shots and the soldiers investigate. What they find is an Iraqi man strapped into the car so securely he cannot get out. He is crying as he nods at the passenger side floor. There, strapped in place and wrapped in enough explosives to destroy more than half their convoy, is the man’s six-year-old son. After they disarmed the bomb and freed the man and his son, the boy cried for hours as the Iraqi man thanked the U.S. soldiers for what they had done.

Read it all.

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2 responses to “Read a Citizen’s Report on Iraq

  1. Thanks for posting this. This report needs to be seen by as many people as possibe.

  2. You’re welcome, and I concur!