Persian Dawn

From a seat on the banks of the Euphrates the sun rises over Iran. Iran, the land that was once Persia, the country with the name that is linguistically identical to “Aryan” as in the Aryan ideal of Hitler’s National Socialist Party. Yes, they are a country of mystics, scholars and tyrants who spawned Darius and Alexander, Zoroaster and the Three Magi of Christ’s Nativity. The Iranian followers of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who was one of the founding fathers of modern Jihad terrorism (the other main ones being Sayyid Qutb and Mohammed Amin al-Husayni), declared war on the United States in 1979 by invading the U.S. Embassy in Tehran.

There is a caricature of Democratic politicians whose ultimate response to every national security threat is not to go to war, but to send in stealthy, black, silent (!) helicopters and have teams of black-clad ninjas rappel down and slay all the enemy then pop back into the helicopters and be back in the U.S. in time to watch Jeopardy.

Jimmy Carter was the first president to give the black-clad-ninja theory a try in the real world. He weakly acquiesced to the Iranian act of attacking the Embassy, fuming privately over the insult to American dignity and too late launched Operation Eagle Claw a poorly conceived, futile, aborted attempt to rescue the hostages that caused the deaths of eight U.S. soldiers.

In these days when Iran’s dangerous neighboring countries have been neutralized by U.S. troops, thus freeing the Iranian Mullahs to engage in all sorts of wickedness via their proxies in Hezbollah and the Iraqi Shi’ite militias, the specter of nuclear weapons in the hands of Ahmadinajad is worth considering. The two main questions that are worth asking are “will he get nuclear weapons,” and “would he use them?”

Pakistan, which shares a border with Iran and has served as a sponsor to Iran’s nuclear weapons program, has working nuclear weapons. Healthy paranoia indicates that whether Iran has actually developed their own nuke or not, they could very well have some in storage. North Korea and Iran have been developing nukes in covert labs for about the same amount of time, both using Pakistani and Chinese designs, and North Korea has developed and tested several suitcase sized nukes. The chances are high that Iran has nukes or will have them soon.

As to whether Ahmadinajad would use nukes, we already have his testimony that he wants to wipe out Israel, and that Israel could be destroyed by several nukes while being unable to inflict correspondingly total destruction on Iran. But stranger than his threats are his beliefs.

Bernard Lewis, the great Princetonian scholar of Islam, says it best.

Outdated Cold war concepts, such as mutually assured destruction (M.A.D) are irrelevant when it comes to Iran , because the Iranian president and his circle see such a scenario “as an incentive, not a deterrent,” renowned scholar Bernard Lewis said during a lecture Monday evening at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. (source)

And yet, with this clearly unhinged holocaust denier in charge of Iran, Europe resists U.S. demands that they fulfill their responsibility to sanction Iran for its refusal to cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

In December, Iran’s refusal to give up its nuclear program led the United Nations Security Council to impose economic sanctions. Iran’s rebuff is based on its contention that its nuclear program is civilian in nature, while the United States and other countries believe Iran plans to make weapons.

At issue now is how the resolution is to be carried out, with Europeans resisting American appeals for quick action, citing technical and political problems related to the heavy European economic ties to Iran and its oil industry. (source)

Even Saudi Arabia has warned Iran.

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia warned that Iran is not only interfering in Iraqi affairs, but is attempting to spread Shiite Islam in the majority-Sunni Middle East.

The Saudi king told a Kuwaiti newspaper that he warned an Iranian envoy that Iran’s actions were endangering the Gulf. (source)

And how is this all playing out in the anti-American U.S. media?

The usual idiocy: It’s all Bush’s fault.

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