Guantanamo Zak

A fascinating article about the Muslim cultural advisor at Guantanamo from AP.

“I have to use my experience and my commonsense. I don’t want to put myself in any situation that will jeopardize my life,” the 49-year adviser told The Associated Press in a rare interview in a conference room just outside the detention center’s razor wire-topped fences.

Zak recounted how on a recent night, he had retired to his quarters when he learned that four prisoners wanted to see him right away inside the prison. Zak, the only Muslim cultural affairs adviser at Guantanamo Bay, quickly returned to work, but after talking to guards, decided against the meeting.

He suspected the men were planning to attack him – most likely with a “cocktail” of bodily fluids.

“Sometimes, I see into their games,” said Zak, a lean man with salt-and-pepper hair, as he slowly shook his head as if talking about unruly children. (source)

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