Malaysia Cracks the Whip

Malaysia’s civil service, like the civil service of many countries without strong entrepreneurial cultures, is full of lazy people who want a paycheck for their seniority without any risk of losing their paycheck for incompetence. Now the government proposes to shine some light in the dark corners where the bureaucrats are napping.

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Malaysia has come up with new ways to crack down on work-shy government officials — publishing the names of those who fail to show up for work and checking on the homes of those who call in sick. […]

One state government is taking a step further to catch out workers on false sick leave.

Armed with flowers and fruit baskets, the chief minister of the central state of Selangor has conducted surprise checks on the homes of supposedly ill staff, only to discover them out fishing or visiting relatives, the Star newspaper said. (source)

Stories about good developments in government are rare, and good government in Muslim countries even rarer. Good for Malaysia.

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