The Racist Subcontinent

In one of the ironies of multiculturalism, the Indian subcontinent, so alive with different cultural practices and groups, with warring religious and ethnic groups, has no room whatsoever for political correctness or the speech restriction codes that are spreading like a cancer through the paler-skinned-majority countries of the world. In fact it stews with open discrimination, abuse, hatred, and rivalries of all sorts.

This year’s Big Brother television program on the Beeb has featured a ruckus about racist comments aimed at a Bollywood actress named Shilpa Shetty by a fellow contestant. Mezba comments:

Shetty’s career wasn’t going anywhere and this puts her in the public spotlight, that too in a sympathetic manner. She is now likely to win the game show. Big Brother becomes the most watched show on TV. Viewers vote the alleged racist off the show and all is good with the world again.

I am also surprised by the slew of commentators from India slamming Britain. “Oh I thought Britain was a tolerant country,” said one (a government MP!). “Now I know what is really under the surface.”

Oh please! As if India is such a tolerant country. Not just India. The whole subcontinent. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. We discriminate daily based on caste, skin fairness, gender, religion (or inter-religion as in Sunni/Shia so on). Yet we are always the first ones to criticize. Ever looked into our own souls? You can make a whole Crash movie out of just the South Asian / Arab community. (source)

The comments are a trip!

I believe in elitism based on performance, but think that racism is stupid. Unless you’re talking about the Human Race. I’m for all sorts of rights for that race!

h/t: Neha Viswanathan at Global Voices Online.

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