Associated Propagandists Gets Another One Wrong

In a classic case of a news organization getting the story wrong by 180 degrees, we have this AP article.

U.S. Plans Missile Bases in Europe

Associated Press Writer

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — The United States has entered a decisive phase in a plan to set up missile defense sites in Eastern Europe – a system Washington says is aimed at protecting itself and its allies against potential attacks from the Middle East. (source)

In AP’s world, a Missile Defense site becomes a Missile site. Because in AP’s world, missiles intended to kill people and destroy cities are no more terrible and terrifying than missiles intended to stop missiles of the first type. Causing death and destruction to others is morally equivalent to preventing death and destruction of your own. 1984 has come true and AP is the Ministry of Truth. AP has truly come to mean “Associated Propagandists.”

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