Counterjihad Infowar 2.3: Testify

At some time, every human realizes he or she was wrong and must change. The crisis of faith is a universal human experience. When we undergo a crisis of faith, we are willing to consider all the possibilities we know of. But if we do not know of a possibility, if we have been prevented from considering it by repression or social taboos, then we won’t know enough about it to be able to judge it by its true merits.

Christians: Testify to moderate Muslims, who are susceptible to recruiters for Jihad because the history of their religion is full of Jihad and arguments for it, about life-affirming Christianity. Tell them about Jesus and how he differs from Isa, beginning with his name (the Egyptianized version of Joshua as opposed to the Arabized version of Esau). More facts here.

A prominent Catholic convert from Islam told a group this week not to shy away from sharing Jesus with their Muslim neighbors, assuring them that most Muslims respect a clear and well-argued defense of faith and despise weakness and a lack of firmness in apologetics.

During a speech for a seminar called, “What Every Catholic Should Know About Islam,” in Virginia, Daniel Ali, an Iraqi who converted from Islam in 1998, told the more than 400 people in attendance, “The first line of defense is to know your faith.” The baptized should be willing to stand up when their beliefs are being attacked, he said.

When Christians encounter Muslims, “They cannot be silent about Jesus in order to get along with those who profess the Islamic faith. They do not like people who are weak. They have more respect for those who defend their convictions,” Ali said. (source)

No matter how self-evidently wicked and perverted the religion of Jihadism may be, it cannot be replaced by belief in nothing. Belief in nothing is also called nihilism, and it leads to a fascination with death, anarchy, and the will to power (see Recsk). That is exactly what Jihadism leads to, Thanatolatry. It is far better to offer up a hopeful alternative such as Christianity in the hope that those Muslims who come to a crisis of faith might choose life-affirming Christianity instead of deadly Jihadism.

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