A Story of Christian Conversion

Narratives are important. Here is one that I really like from Cross Rhythms:

“An Islamic taxi driver was driving in Mosul. He dropped off a Christian client and noticed after a little while that the man had forgot his necklace. The taxi driver decided to wear the necklace with the cross.

“Later that day he was stopped by armed men. They asked him: ‘Are you Sunni or Shi’ite?’

“He knew that if he gave the wrong answer he would be shot. He answered in a reflex, ‘I am neither. I am Christian. Here! Look!’ And he pointed to the cross on his chest.

“The men laughed and said, ‘We don’t believe you, but drive on.’ When he arrived home he told his wife, ‘Jesus saved me!’ That day he gave his life to Jesus.”

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2 responses to “A Story of Christian Conversion

  1. What an awesome testimony.