Pakistan Parliament Resolves to Continue Jihad in Jammu and Kashmir

At the same time that Musharraf is trying to mend fences with NATO and Afghan forces who are facing a new surge of Taliban terrorism from the Talibanistan terrortories of North and South Waziristan, the Pakistani Parliament resolves that Jihad in Jammu and Kashmir must not be stopped because it would be a waste of all the blood already spilled by jihadists.

Participants adopted a resolution rejecting the four-point proposals of Musharraf, which include demilitarisation and joint control of the disputed state by India and Pakistan.

They also demanded that the Kashmir policy be discussed in Parliament in 2008 after the next general elections and that jihad should be continued, the Daily Times said here on Tuesday.

“Any decision on the Kashmir issue must not be made without the approval of Parliament and any proposed solution that negates the sacrifices of the freedom fighters will never be accepted,” the communiqué said.

It said joint control or self-governance was not a solution to the Kashmir issue and that unfettered freedom was an inherent right of the Kashmiri people. “The conference salutes the perseverance of the freedom fighters and the sacrifices of the martyrs of the Kashmir freedom struggle,” it said.

“Any statements from our side which reflects that we are showing flexibility creates confusion and decreases international support,” Raja Zafarul Haq said. (source)

The freedom they want in J&K is the freedom for everyone to submit to Islam. That isn’t what anybody but a Moslem would think of as a Human Right. Only a few days ago, Pakistan was working to water down a EU draft report on suffering in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir. Now they are voting to continue the holy war against the rest of Kashmir and bring it all the misery the Pakistani side of the line of control enjoys.

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One response to “Pakistan Parliament Resolves to Continue Jihad in Jammu and Kashmir

  1. Typically double-standard Pakistan. Perhaps it will all stop only when the US tells them to stop. They don’t have a mind all of their own anyways.