Iraqi Leaders Show Real Progress

Damien Cave of the NYT lists some of the areas where Iraqi Leaders are making real progress.

  • Hangings of Saddam Hussein and co-conspirators put the kibosh on rumors that his administration would ever be returned to power. The hangings were rude and uncouth affairs, but they happened after a lengthy, formal, reasonably fair judicial progress following Iraqi law that tolerated an amazing amount of grandstanding by the defendants.
  • The Sadr block plans to end its boycott of Parliament in the next few days.
  • Kurdish troops have been dispatched to Baghdad to reinforce security in the capital.
  • There is progress on a national Oil revenue sharing law that will give everyone in the country a reason to support Oil production and development.
  • There is progress on a revised policy towards Baathists that would allow more low-level government workers to return to government service.

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