Gormless TSA catches a clue

The AP reports (via Yahoo news), that the TSA is checking and cutting the no-fly-list. This is a good thing, because just as everybody needs regular haircuts all lists need to be checked and weeded out every once in a while. The no-fly-list can have a great affect on American commerce. So it’s important to make sure it is accurate and manageable.

Kip Hawley [the head of the Transportation Security Administration] told Congress that the more accurate list, combined with a new passenger screening system, should take care of most incidents of people wrongly being prevented from boarding a flight or frequently being picked out for additional scrutiny.

In a coordinated announcement, the Department of Homeland Security announced a program for passengers who wish to report problems with the list and redress reasonable grievances.

The ACLU is still unhappy with it. Surprise surprise. It’s enough to make you wish that the ACLU was too busy defending NAMBLA members and neo-Nazi marchers to have any time to aid and abet those who threaten national security.

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