Somali Parliament Fires ICU running dog, EU Idiocrats Whine

Salad Duhul of the AP reports today that the Somali Parliament has taken action to fire a lawmaker who was closely associated with the Al Qaeda-associated Islamic Courts Union.

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — The Somali parliament stripped the speaker position Wednesday from a top lawmaker who was closely associated with the recently ousted Islamic movement, a move the European Union said was disappointing and could hurt reconciliation efforts in the restive country.

Diplomats said the fired speaker, Sharif Hassan Sheik Aden, was capable of pulling together moderate elements in Somalia’s Islamic movement. (source)

The EU idiocrats have forgotten two things.

  1. Hard-Line Muslims like the ICU are way more conservative than conservative Christians. They are even more conservative than Fascists like Mussolini and more terrifying in their totalitarianism than Nazis and Stalinists. The EU should be all over the prospect of charging scumbags like Sheik Aden with hate speech crimes and other hokum.
  2. There are no moderate elements in Somalia’s Islamic Courts Union movement. They all want to establish an emirate under strict Sharia law that oppresses women, punishes atheists and homosexuals with death, and crushes reason and dissent. See Iran and Saudi Arabia. There can be no negotiation, no meeting of the minds with those who advocate jihad and sharia.

Silly Eurocrats.

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