Iran asks Saudis to help make nicey-nice with America

Reuters reports

A letter was delivered by Tehran’s chief nuclear negotiator to the Saudi King from Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a Saudi official said on Monday. The official said Iran wanted Saudi leaders to relay a goodwill message to Washington.

That is so nice of them. What could have made Iran change tactics?

U.S. forces are holding five Iranians after raiding an Iranian government office in Arbil last week — the second such operation in recent weeks.

President Bush has ordered more U.S. troops to Iraq, ignoring recommendations by a U.S. study group calling on Washington to deal directly with Syria and Iran, with whom it broke off ties in 1979, to help rein in violence in Iraq.

The Iranian Quds Force spies captured in Arbil by U.S. forces last week must be important. The U.S. must hold on to them and exploit them for intelligence gathering, and capture and interrogate more. Iran has been playing both sides in Iraq against the middle, supporting both the Shi’ite extremist and the Al Qaeda Sunni extremist sides against the democratic middle of the country, and making things so terrifying that ordinary people come to believe that their country will never know peace unless a strongman takes control.

Iran is the terrorist puppet master in Iraq. The U.S. must continue to make Iran suffer for that.

Remember. No submission. No hudna. No weakness in the face of evil.

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