Eritrea has raised the Jolly Roger, Officially a Terrorist State

Daniel McKivergan reports in the Worldwide Standard today:

The extent of the cooperation between Eritrea and the ICU is only now coming to light. Daveed Gartenstein-Ross posted a story on Pajamas Media this weekend on the alliance between the two:

Ethiopia’s longtime rival, Eritrea, had troops in the country for about four months prior to [the Ethiopian invasion]. A confidential UN report drafted by the Monitoring Group on Somalia in late 2006 says that “2000 fully equipped combat troops from Eritrea” arrived to the north of Mogadishu in late August, and redeployed to different areas held by the ICU. According to high-level sources in Somalia’s transitional government and U.S. intelligence, these Eritrean troops never left the country–a development unknown to American policymakers until today.

It seems reasonable to conclude then that the ICU’s rise can best be explained by Eritrea’s support for it, rather than as the result of an indigenous yearning for Islamic order. That the ICU is closely linked to al Qaeda is beyond doubt, but this fact seems not to have concerned the Eritreans in the least. Now, in addition to collaborating with terrorist organizations, Eritrea is making direct threats in an attempt to deter further American involvement in Somalia.

When countries threaten the U.S., the U.S. should have the respect to take those threats seriously. As pointed out in the article, the U.S. provides some military aid to Eritrea. This should be halted immediately and Eritrea handed a bill for back training obtained under false pretenses.

It’s nice to dream isn’t it?

At the least, the U.S. must halt aid to Eritrea immediately, including military, economic and humanitarian aid.

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2 responses to “Eritrea has raised the Jolly Roger, Officially a Terrorist State

  1. It is unbelievable how every moron thinks every thing they read in the newspaper must be true. Eritrea is the first country to face the terrorist menace and can’t stand al Qaeda. In fact Eritrea nearly went to war with Sudan because Sudan was harboring al Qaeda, and it severed its relationship with Sudan until Sudan cleared its government from hard line Islamic elements. The assistance you speak of was given to Eritrea to pressure Sudan. Is it possible that ICU as a whole had nothing to do with al Qaeda? Have you noticed that all the accusations that were alleged against Eritrea never come true? After the invasion of Somalia none of the weapons or military personals that Eritrea allegedly gave the ICU is found. But you wouldn’t bother with verifying anything before you dutifully start parroting this crap, would you? The same way every idiot was same parroting WMD and al Qaeda before the invasion of Iraq and believed it. People never learn. Ignorance must truly be bliss.

  2. I hadn’t noticed any further information on Eritrean troops in Somalia. Do you have any reliable sources to point to with more information on Gartenstein-Ross’s allegations?

    I’d be happy to do a follow-up post but have no information other than your angry and insulting note to work with.