Assassin Tunnels Discovered in Gaza

Proving once again, as if we need any additional evidence, that all is not sweetness and light between Palestinian factions who are brothers in arms when it comes to murdering Israelis in their beds, and that Arafat created Hell on Earth in the blackened hearts of the people he chose as his own and molded into a nation of hate.

GAZA (Reuters) – Palestinian security forces uncovered an extensive network of tunnels in the Gaza Strip that the Fatah faction said on Monday could have been used to assassinate its top leaders, including President Mahmoud Abbas.

The ruling Hamas faction would not say whether it dug the tunnels, discovered by Fatah-dominated security forces in central and northern Gaza on Monday and over the weekend.

A Fatah spokesman, Abdel-Hakim Awad, held Hamas responsible but stopped short of accusing the group of being behind any specific assassination plot.

Awad said some of the tunnels were lined with explosives and ran directly beneath the homes of prominent Fatah members.

What can I add to that?

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