The Counterjihad Infowar, Part 2.1

bricks-disaggregated.jpgDisaggregating the Global Jihad

Jihad is a wicked and evil perversion of the religious impulse. Of that there can be no doubt. And the Counterjihad to oppose the narrative of lies and terror told by the enemy is a moral imperative incumbent on all of us who are not infected with the evil of Jihad. But no matter how dangerous it really is, we must make certain not to puff up the Global Jihad to make it appear more dangerous than it is. Let us be careful to assess it accurately.

Note: In this posting I am using “Al Qaeda” as a shorthand for the main organization that is pursuing a Global Jihad.

Each group of Jihadists, other than those cockroaches who swear allegiance directly to Al Qaeda, has a set of grievances and goals that differ to some degree from Al Qaeda’s goals. Thus each local Jihadist movement can be treated as a separate group, and Al Qaeda can be cut out of the process. This is what we call disaggregation. If the divisions between the local Jihadist movement and Al Qaeda can be played skilfully enough, it can even cause strife between the two Jihadist groups, perhaps even leading to bloodshed between them. This is a development devoutly to be wished for, and is the natural outgrowth of disaggregation.

bricks-aggregated.jpgAggregating the Counterjihad

On the other hand, we in the Counterjihad are geographically dispersed though we communicate on the Internet. We do not have a critical mass in many locales, but there are a lot of us around the world and the number is growing. It behooves us to stick together, so we can accomplish more difficult things than we can manage acting singly. To the extent that we agree on the wicked and perverse nature of Jihad and the threat Jihadism poses to civilization, our differences are comparatively minor. Let us remember that always, stick together, and do not let jealousy, circumstances or enemies divide us.

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