Jailed Because of Their Religion

Tell the Red Cross, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch that there are some prisoners in a horrible jail in Iraq. They’ll jump up and go looking right quick. But tell them the prison is in Iran, and the US military will not guarantee their safety while they inspect the prison, and watch them sit right back down.

From Azarmehr:

My thoughts on this Christmas day today were with our jailed Iranian Christian convert compatriots and their families. They were recently arrested during their worship ceremonies in Tehran, Karaj and Rasht.

Their names:

  • Shirin Sadeq Khanjani
  • Behrooz Sadeq Khanjani
  • Hamid Reza Toloii-nia
  • Behnam Irani
  • Bahman Irani
  • Shahin Taqi-zadeh
  • Yussef Nourkhani
  • Parviz Khalaj-Zamani
  • Mohammad Beliad
  • Payman Salarvand
  • Sohrab Sayyadi

h/t: Hamid Tehrani at Global Voices

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