Do Conservatives need a BBC strategy?

The Britain and America blog writes that The GOP needs a BBC strategy

The Republican Party needs to wake up to the power of the BBC as a media player in America. Its online services, in particular, are widely read in the US and BBC foreign coverage informs how many US journalists see the world. I sat in the White House three years ago and recommended that the GOP develops a strategy to work with London-based media. I met other GOP officials with the same message earlier this year but nothing GOP appears to have been done.

The BBC remains a respected brand around the world but opinions like those above are not impartial. They do not amount to a public service. They could have come straight from editorial pages of The Guardian or The New York Times.

Conservatives already recognize how skewed towards 60’s style Che Guevara hero-worship the BBC is. It’s too bad, since given their druthers most American conservatives would be anglophiles. But the Beeb isn’t alone.

Anyone who has ever been the subject of a newspaper story realizes how full of lies all newspapers are. If you’re in the big-city paper you won’t even recognize yourself, let alone the story in which you are a part. Reporters think that every story is Watergate, the subjects are Nixon and the plumbers, and they are Woodward & Bernstein. It’s even worse if the reporter and newspaper are ideologically hostile than if they are merely uncaring, sloppy, and sensationalist. Radio news is the same. And TV news is nothing more than sound-bites and dramatic pictures wrapped in stealth editorial. None if it is good enough to wrap a fish and chips dinner in.

The Beeb is no better than Al Jazeera, which brags it has based itself on the Beeb. American conservatives don’t worry about the Chinese press either, or that of Iran or Yemen, since they know that journalists in those countries, even when they aren’t writing government mandated propaganda, are too full of nonsensical ideas to be trusted.

And so it is with the Beeb. They won’t give up their ways. They won’t stop indoctrinating beeby babies in their foolish, moral-relativist beliefs until the current generation are in their graves. There might be hope for the next generation, but it requires an alternative way for the truth to get out. That’s one natural role for the Internet.

Conservatives do need a strategy for getting the truth out. The internet helps. But it won’t do the whole job. They need to get the message out the same way that folk musicians and beat poets opened the door for Marxist intellectuals to dominate the universities and the writerly caste. Conservatives need to create and sponsor pop culture, such as movies, cartoons, comic books, rock and rap music with conservative messages. They need to own and control media companies. They already have country music. But there is no reason that conservative pop culture can’t make it. A good hook is infectious. Just look at the Christian Rock and Christian Rap phenomena for proof. Conservative pop culture is the viral medium by which a conservative message can infiltrate every aspect of American and even World life. At the same time that this strategy begins, the Conservative wing of the Republican party needs to be reinvigorated in time for the GOP to win the Presidency in 2008.

The GOP doesn’t need a BBC strategy. It needs a pop culture strategy.


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  1. Conservatives might want to check out a couple of websites that are full of snarky postmodernist leftists with hardly a single conservative or even traditionally liberal voice in them. They are very influential among the media, and apparently very powerful in the way they influence the way that stories are promoted in the mainstream media.

    NewsVine is at
    NowPublic is at

    Somewhat less appropriate for conservative opinion, as they are primarily tech discussion sites… at
    Digg at